Our on-site support outside our city starts at Php 2,500 only. Call us to get your appointment immediately. Support charges are PER VISIT/PER BRANCH model.

Payment first policy is strictly implemented (for service fee only). Incidental charges (transportation, meals, accomodation) will be charged to you before our team will go back to our office. This is because incidental charges always changes depending on your location.

Zone 1

Php 1,500 within our area (Angeles City, San Fernando and Mabalacat Pampanga)

Zone 2

Starts at Php 2,500 plus transportation and meals. These are locations that needs a total of 4 hours round trip

travel time from our head office location.

Zone 3

Starts at Php 3,000 plus transportation and food. Locations that does not exceed 8 hours round trip travel 

time from our head office location.

Zone 4

Starts at Php 3,500 per day, per branch (as long as our team is working with you) 

for locations that exceeds 8 hours round trip travel time, locations 

that needs air travel (Sea Travel is not allowed). 

Plus transportation, meals and accommodation charges.